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    Can I record a real-time animation in Flash?

    Guy Burns Level 1

      My first simple project with animation (via Flash if possible ) is going to be animated writing.


      The Situation

      I have some text on a background image. I want to scribble over one of the words with a digital pen and write a different word near it, exactly as you would do when you come across a suspect word when proof reading. The digital pen will be drawing on a Cintiq 22HD. This is my first use of Flash so I don't want to spend hours learning how to animate the writing. Just a simple "Record" at this stage.


      Ques 1

      In Flash, can I import an image as a background, get my pen ready, and somehow record my pen movements in real time? i.e is there a Record button somewhere in Flash? I don't want to record the background as well, just the writing part. When I've finished the writing I press Stop.


      What I hope to end up with is an animation in real time of exactly what I did with the pen. I can then take that animation and place it elsewhere if required.


      Ques 2

      If Flash is unable to record, what other software might have that ability?