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    flash 8 datagrid component and mp3 play

      How do you tell the datagrid component to automaticallly play the value in row x where the selectedIndex equals x? I can change the selectedIndex of the actual datagrid itself and see the selected row change by its highlighted color. But I don't know how to change the actual string name "mytrack.mp3" that is suppose to play in the next row.

      The selectedIndex changes but the player keeps looping on the first song (first row) and doesn't play the next song (second row). My song list is coming into flash from xml and is being stored in an array that is then being stored into the datagrid component.

      If there is a way I can get all the values of the songs listed in my datagrid column and build a relationship between the string names and the selected index, then maby I can say "if selectedIndex = 2, then highlight and play the 3rd row on the datagrid " almost like a case statement.