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    Adobe After Effects CC 2014 Multi-machine rendering does not create RCF after Collect-File


      This was working in the previous release.  After going through all of the steps to perform a multi-machine render, not only does it say it is limiting it to 5 machines instead of the usual 99 (and I have over 100 cores on the render farm) but "Collect Files" (File/Dependencies/Collect Files) does not create the Render Control File (RCF) that kicks off the process on the other machines, like it did before and is supposed to do.


      This release was supposed to fix the 32 core limitation on render nodes (my server has 48), but now does nothing at all.


      Anyway, I assume there is a check box somewhere that says "do something" that hasn't been checked and another that says "Maybe my machine has more than 5 cores", and I would appreciate being steered in the direction of these new mis-features.


      Just as background, the 48 core server does show the little TV screen that monitors the watch folder, and I know for a fact that process looks for the "RCF" file.  Looking at the directory specified for "collect files", I can see that no RCF file is created, only 1 file, a report.txt file which contains this information is produced:


      Report created:

        7/9/2014 1:54:12 AM

      Project name: highup.aep

      Source files collected to:

        P:\temp\highup folder

      Source files collected: All

      Collected comps: 

        Thomas Falke - High Again High On Emotion)

      Number of collected files:  1

      Size of collected files:  63.4 MB

      Collected source files:

        C:\Users\Jeff K\Videos\Down\2014-2015\Thomas Falke - High Again High On Emotion).mp4

      Rendering plug-ins:

        Classic 3D

      Effects used:  1

      Effect:  Detail-preserving Upscale