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    Looking for a script to automate renaming layer objects, not the layer itself!


      Hey there everyone,


      I was wondering if there is a possibility to create/have a script for an automated renaming of several named layer objects in Indesign (CS6).

      The situation, I'm facing is a document for a templating process with at least 80 layers and sometimes some special elements on each layer. The naming of the layers is kind of repeating for each page that is used. The only difference is some prefix change in the layer name and/or the name of an element itself. My problem is, that I need to rename most of those layers AND elements in a same way and I'm looking for a script that asks me for the name of a layer or element (perfect would be just a part of the name to have multiple steps at once) and I have the chance to type in the desired value. It affects frames, graphical elements and text boxes.


      If anyone has an idea, how to simplify this process I would be very glad to get some informations or advices.


      Thanks in advance