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    Is it possible to design an animated navigation bar in Edge Animate CC for use in a Dreamweaver CC site to act as the site's internal navigation? I have my own example for review.


      Hi all,


      I'm hoping one of you good people can help me with this. I usually try and work out things by myself and is my first time posting as this one really has me stumped. A solution would be fantastic but if I could be given a definitive answer if it can be done or not then at least I can stop wasting my time.


      I'm loving Edge Animate as a cross browser alternative to Flash and the complete control I can now have building HTML5 and CSS animations from scratch. I build websites using Dreamweaver CC and wanted to create a bespoke drop down navigation for one of my sites in Edge animate CC to take into Dreamweaver. This I have done and is where I am having problems. The link to the test homepage in question is below with the nag bar made in Edge CC top right.




      The problem is when setting the link attribute in Edge animate. You have the options of 'link in same window' or 'link in new window'. As it's for an internal navigation system neither seem to be appropriate. If I set it to open in a new window and set the live website address as follows it opens up the new page in a new window where as I want to replace the page. This is an example of the code I used to test if clicking 'sports advertising' would take you beck to the homepage:


      // Navigate to a new URL in a new window

      // (replace "_blank" with appropriate target attribute)

      window.open("http://www.elastic-canvas.co.uk/Nick_Scott_Media%202014_Website/index.html", "_blank");


      I ideally want to get into the code and just wrap each nav element with a <a href=""><a> tag. Can this be done and can it be done directly in Edge Animate CC?


      Cheers, Matt