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    placed objects in INDD are jagged once exported into PDF


      PNG and PSD with 300 dpi placed in INDD print file and exported to PDF interactive 300 dpi file comes out jagged, why is that?


      I created PSD and PNG elements with 300 dpi in an A4 sized document, than when placing them in Indesign - allso on an A4 sized print INDD file. the size of the elements once placed  is much bigger in porportions than in Photoshop, and I supose that is why after resizing them (making them smaller) and exporting the INDD file to PDF interactive 300 dpi all the PNG \ PSD elements are jagged,

      *I have tried exporting as normal PDF but the problem remains,

      what can I do to fix it? how does it work exactly when objects are transfered from Photoshop to Indesign and PDF?


      Thank you!


      hope you guys can help..