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    Compression problems in Indesign - Major International Client


      Hi, guys and gals,


      I'm working final art with a big client. Somehow all the product images they send are impossible to compress in Indesign.

      They send me like 30mb images and when I try to export proof-reading-pdfs at 72dpi the pdfs still land at

      250 mb (This is a A4 size 14 page document). The images look downsized and pixelated both in the pdf and in print but the files are still huge.

      Maybe it's some kind of encryption or something?


      I've found a workaround using either

      smallpdf.com or by exporting a postscript and compressing it in Distiller... neither of these are especially good for speed.


      Anyone experienced anything like this? Can't really send files since the client is very strict so I realize this might be a hard nut to crack.

      I've tried to convert all the images to JPG and PNG at low quality but even though the JPGs are like 1 MB the PDF exported is still 250mb.

      Print-screening solves the problem but thats just not really an option since it's going to be alot of these images.


      Sorry for the messy question, I simply want to know if someone has a failsafe way of exporting PDFs at small sizes.


      Thank you so much for your attention, any help would be awesome, everyone I've asked at the office has no solution...