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    BER Error

    Protecnil, SA

      I have acrobat XI with the last updates installed in a machine with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bits, and when i am triying

      to sign with a digital certificate, from a CardReader (REF: CSR3310 V2), the adobe gets this error:

      "Error encountered while BER decoding". How can we proced to solve this error?

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          IsakTen Level 4

          The most likely scenario is that the certificate that you have has some of its internal fields malformed (a certificate is just a specially formatted block of data). Some applications are more lenient on such errors and bypass them if this app does not need the questionable fields. Because of that such certificates may be acceptable to some apps. Acrobat requires that all fields in a certificate conform to the standard, and puts up the error message that you see if it does not. Acrobat does not have a good reporting mechanism to pinpoint which field it does not like. Actually, it would be quite expensive to develop such mechanism which would have a very limited use because most Certificate Authorities produce good certificates.

          You need to ask your Certificate Provider (I do not know what CSR3310 V2 is) whether they validated certificates that they produce for the use with Acrobat signing.

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            Protecnil, SA Level 1

            Good afternoon


            Thanks for replying


            I understand your reply but in another machine with the same version of Acrobat Pro, and performing signatures with the same certificate, the signature is correctely inserted, with no errors.


            What can be happening on this machine that is interacting with this function.


            I have already reinstalled the application and the error persists


            Help please.

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              IsakTen Level 4

              As I said before I am not familiar with CSR3310 V2. It may require additional software, a driver or P11 module installed on your machine. The difference between the two machines where the signing works on one but not on the other may be that one of them has this software installed and the other does not. You need to get installation instructions for your CardReader.

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                Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

                Hi Protecnil,


                Can you send me a signed PDF file with the bad signature so we can take a look at it. Send it as an e-mail attachment to Steven.Madwin@adobe.com