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    Help replicating #5 web coated paper to proof a catalog during design.

    Kerrigan Marois Level 1

      I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm having a bit of a problem. I design an 80 page catalog thats printed on very cheap paper, but the client prints roughly 10k copies and distributes it across the country through a big print house. The problem is that we would like to get our color proofs that we use en route to the final product as close as possible to what RR Donnelly uses (can't buy it they are 1300lb rolls fo paper).


      I haven't been able to find any good answers from printers yet so I thought I would ask you guys. Basically the paper is 75 brightness (or less) and coated. It almost looks gray, and its very thin. Not many print outfits can print on this, but the point is more getting the color closer to the final product. We know it can't be exact color reproduction without heavy costs.


      If any of you have run into a similar problem and found a solution, I would greatly appreciate it!

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          jdanek Level 4

          It would or could depend on your proofing device and what types of paper it can handle.  Some proofers are roll-fed.  In that case, it probably would be conceivable to get a sample roll from the paper distributor.  If not, it could be possible to get the paper in sheets.  My concern is the paper's thickness.  Once you get the paper, you'd have to get the print profile to control ink.  Get in touch with RR Donnelly's customer service rep and ask them for assistance.  Also, ask them if they plan on supplying you with proofs before the job goes to press.  That wouldn't get you off the hook, but would be in addition to whatever proofing you have in mind.