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    Chrome rendering issues with edge animate/muse export


      Hello, i made this really quick video to show you the weird behavior that is happening when i try to see my exported animation in google chrome


      the video: adobe edge animate (muse export) chrome issues - YouTube


      first i show you what it looks like in edge animate, then i go to muse to show that i've placed the animation, pinned it and asked for the program to animate every 3000 px of scrolling, then i show the behavior in Firefox, that looks exactly how it was supposed to be and then, finally, in chrome that, at one point of the animation, the objects starts acting abnormally, dissapearing from the screen


      i dont know if it is an SVG issue, os of it something happening in the edge's css and webkit transform or if its just a browser rendering issue. the thing is that it doesn't happen when i see other sites that uses that kind of svg animation


      as you can see in the screencast in my chrome tabs i've searched  A LOT here in the forum to see if i can find a related issue, but i couldn't find anything that solved my problem or, at least enlightened me of what causes this problem


      you can visit the site here: http://dev.oniric.ca/350


      i'm using:

      Edge Animate CC
      Muse CC

      Firefox 30.1

      Chrome 35.0

      in windows 8.1


      Thanks in advance