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    Can anyone help me open these InDesign files?


      I've been trying all day to open files for a project I was working on in March with InDesign.  I could open them in March but now my computer is either crashing from trying to load the folder that contains the files, or it gives me one of two error messages.  The first saying I don't have permission to open the file, the second saying the file is already open with another user.


      I have tried opening from my computer and from an external drive, neither work.  I have tried restarting.  I've tried opening as a copy, original and normal.  I've tried opening InDesign as an administrator.  I have tried phoning Adobe and have been on hold for 25 minutes so far.  I have tried the online help but nobody available there.  I don't know what else to try.


      I can create a new InDesign files and I'm not having any trouble with any other Adobe products.  My subscription is until 29th August.  Any ideas appreciated.