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    Importing buttons from one project to another




      I'm working on a project that was originally in CP6/7 and now CP8. I've created some buttons within one project and want to use them in another, so I exported the styles using Object Style Manager. When I then attempted to import the styles I got the following error,


      "Cannot import styles. The styles you are trying to import was exported from an earlier version of Adobe Captivate".


      The exported file properties show it as a .cps Captivate 8 file.


      Would appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this.




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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I think the problem is in the changes due to responsive projects. If you open the Object Style Manager, before opening a project you'll see that each object has now styles configured for three break points. That was not the case for previous versions. Maybe someone from the staff can confirm this? And why it will also not be functional for normal projects.


          It is the same with themes: only the themes delivered with CP8 are responsive, themes have object styles in them and those styles are different in this version.