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    How to add already imported photos from a specific folder (on a hard drive) into a LR collection?


      Sorry if this is obvious, but I can't for the life of me figure it out…


      I'm using Lightroom to organize images for a book project, importing each folder of images one at a time and placing them in collections to match the client's file structure. E.g.


      * Book project

      ** Landscapes

      ** MISC

      ** Still life

      ** Travel


      So far I have been importing each folder, then dragging all the images from the "Previous import" option into a new LR collection. Unfortunately, I imported a folder (MISC) and then imported another (Still life) without copying the MISC images into a new collection. Now I can't figure out how to get the images from MISC into their own LR collection. I can't re-import them because they're already in the LR library. I don't think I can remove and re-import them either…


      Is there any way to do this without me going through my library and finding each individual image and moving it manually?? There are a lot of images so I fear that would take days!