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    Question about certificates required for publishing a script extension!

    mim_Armand Level 1


      I'm in the latest steps of creating my new In-Design plugin and I was studying the ways I can publish it and Adobe Exchange looks like a good option, but here they are saying:

      Paid Content must have a certified signature. (Content posted as Free will be accepted with a self-signed certificate.)Extension Manager should be able to verify the Producer’s signature. An application should be signed by a certificate issued by one of the following certificate authorities:

      • Chosen Security Thawte, Globalsign, Verisign, Comodo, Usertrust, Godaddy


      And here, they say:

      blah ... so that you know that a trusted authority certificate will no longer be required. ...


      So, I'm a bit confused, my question is:

      1. is it required really to have these certificates?!

      2. If yes, how we are supposed to do this?


      Any idea would be much appreciated,

      thx, mim