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    not loading

      So, i have this

      _root.set_btn.onRelease = function() {
      _root.upage.unum = _root.userNum;
      _root.upage.nRows = useRows;
      for (j=1; j<=useRows; j++) {
      set("team"+j, eval("my_cb"+j+".selectedItem.label"));
      set("scNum"+j, eval("score"+j+".scNum").text);
      _root.upage.loadVariables(" http://www.4tenproductions.com/gary/userinput.php", "POST");

      and what this does, is take x number of combo boxes and a text box holding a score, and creates x number of variables with those boxes. This button that I click, makes the variables to _root.upage.variable name, and sends them to PHP to go into a database. this worked fine. When it was all on the stage. (not this exact exact code). But when i put everything into a movie clip, except the button, it wont send to PHP now. iv traced the the variables being sent, and they are fine, and iv traced some of the variables in the for loop. they work fine. but for some reason it wont send them to php. its like loadVariables doesnt match the variables that i made, when they really do match, so wtf.