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    Grayscale rectange turn yellow-ish after placing psd


      I'm creating my first brochure in InDesign. I have a page with a light gray background (C=4 M=3 Y=3 K=0) which I have created by drawing a rectangle.


      When I place a PSD file (which I have converted from RGB to CMYK in photoshop); the rectangle background changes to a slightly yellow tone. Why is this?


      I tried taking a screenshot of the page before and after placing the file. I then opened the screenshots in Photoshop to compare the the gray background. Both of them are C=4 M=3 Y=3 K=0, but the first is R=242 G=242 B=242 (grayscale) and the second is R=242 G=241 B=240 (yellow tone).


      I am used to designing websites in Photoshop but am new to both InDesign and print so this is really confusing for me...