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    Dragging nested symbols


      I've been trying to create a function that will allow me to drag and drop different images nested within symbols.


      The code on theimage looks like this:




      The function I put on the top stage's CompositionReady event.


      sym.dragDrop = function(item) {

        sym.$(item).draggable({ opacity: 0.35, revert: "invalid" });

        sym.$("SoftwareBox").droppable({ accept: sym.$(item) });



      This doesn't work though.  The "anti-virus" image is within a symbol called "hardwaresoftware" which is in turn within a symbol called "article02".


      Does anyone know what I've done wrong.  If I write the drag code directly in the image it works fine, i've tried doing an exact path to the image, symbol by symbol but that doesn't seem to work.  I used an alert to make sure the dragDrop function is running and it is.


      Any help would be hugely appreciated.