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    In Photoshop CS6 - Audio in timeline wont play a second time, even on blank canvas w/o video.


      I've never used the feature before. But yes, the audio track is turned on and is visible, yes the volume is up... and no, the audio level hasn't gone down to 0%. I want to do an animatic frame by frame to music... and there's no way that's going to happen if I can't hear the music. It'd be awesome if I could scrub through the audio, but it seems to be lacking that feature. But getting it to work in general would be ideal right now. When I open and close, then open again, it'll play once, then if I try again, it wont play. Is it too much for photoshop to handle? It's a simple mp3, so there should be no issue.


      Ok, now when I re-open the file, there's no audio playing at all anymore. What's going on?