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    Adobe Flash Player Installer freezes


      Hi, im trying to download the newest version of Adobe flash and the installer keeps freezing. my browser is Firefox but its the newest version of it and iv tried other browsers and nothing changes. this is a brand new PC that i just got yesterday so i don't know what could possibly be wrong. every time i start the download it downloads like normal then im asked to run the program, and before i click yes i close out all windows and anything that's running in the background. then i click run and the gray box pops up for the installer but nothing happens. its just a gray box. i don't see a progress bar or anything. then i have to open up task manager because the installer is not responding and close out the program from there. i don't understand what could possibly be wrong or what im doing is wrong. iv even tried the standalone uninstaller and it still wont install. im running windows 7 home professional. if someone could please help id be grateful. thank you