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    Multi state buttons and video/audio

      1. I am working on an interactive pdf. Right now I have audio set to automatically play on page load. I need the ability to be able to make this button multistate. In that its appearance when the page comes on is a pause button which pauses the audio ( I have it set to this right now and it functions fine), but then I need to have it shift to a play button and perform the action of resuming the audio when the user clicks on it.
      2. Also I have set a button to load video, its an mp4 file. Is there a way I can set an action to the button that takes it off the screen along with the audio completely? Currently I am able to set an animation over it so that when you click or hover over it, it will go away, but the sound that is in the video doesn't go away.
      3. I am having problems also with buttons that should link to open a pdf file. One works fine. All the others do not??? Little hand cursor does not even appear when I hover over them to show that they are link, but when I check in the file they are.

      Help needed for deadline of tomorrow! Help!