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    Lightroom 5.5 identification of Sony A7 FE 28-70 mm lens with JPG


      Learning my new A7 camera with the FE 28-70 mm lens . Shot a number of pictures with Quality = Fine (Jpg). When imported into LR 5.5, in the Develop Module, and I select Enable Profile Correction and select Sony, the only option I am given for the camera lens is the Sony DT 18-200mm (which I don't have, never used).  In the Library Module, the make, model and lens shows up correct.  And, to make things more confusing, if I click on the lens model in the develop module it shows that I have 900+ images taken with the 28-70 lens (and shows the thumbnails).  So, the metadata seems to be in LR but I stuck on getting the Develop Module to allow for lens correction.  Seems like the FE 28-70 lens was supported as of LR 5.3.


      When I shoot raw, the lens data shows up correctly in both the Develop and Library Modules.

      Any ideas?