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    Quick informal straw poll on the avatar

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      Hi folks, there has been some discussion about kuler avatars (that icon to the left of your name) and the current scheme. Currently it is the first theme you created. Some members have mentioned they were not happy with that first theme and want to change it, others are fine with it. Ideally, of course, people prefer control over their avatar theme, which we are looking into.

      However, as an interim measure, we could make the last theme you created your avatar. This means it would change as you create new themes. Would you prefer status quo (your first theme) or this "last theme" option? The team thought we'd get a sense of how folks felt about these two options and then make a decision. We'll close this very informal straw poll on Tuesday, May 1. Status quo or last theme---share your reasoning if you like. Thanks!

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          Ann_Shelbourne Level 1
          Could the Kuler Team consider a third possibility?

          Can we not have the ability to make ONE change from whatever we first created (when none of us probably yet knew what we were doing; and were just trying to find out how to make the thing work at all?!)

          The ever-changing "Last One" idea seems pretty pointless if the idea of the Avatars is to be an identifying "flag".
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            CBukley Level 1
            I agree with Ann. The point of an avatar is to be a consistent visual identifier. An online brand. If it doesn't stay somewhat consistent, it is just taking up space. Of the two options given, I'd prefer keeping my original.

            If we stay with the first theme created option, it might be helpful if new members learned how the avatar works when they sign up for kuler. Just a quick blurb would help. Otherwise you usually learn by doing and ...oh no, too late.

            Out of curiousity, what happens to your avatar if you delete the first theme you created? Does it substitute it with the next oldest theme or do you just lose the avatar entirely?
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              Boyd Wiebe
              Interestingly my avatar is the one which is my most popular and not the one I published first. The one I published first is a theme called landscape and does not appear in 'my kuler' although it is on the site. Of the two available options I would stick with the first theme until we can design our own. It would be fair for newbs if they understood that would be the case, though.
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                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                Hi everyone, many thanks for your input! We'll stick with the status quo for now. We hear you on user control of the avatar. :-)
                Boyd: You are lucky your avatar worked out, for whatever serendipitous reason!
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                  Tim Strickland Level 1
                  Just a quick reply on this - if you either delete your first theme or set it to private (by editing it & clicking Save) - the next oldest public theme is used. If no public themes are found then the oldest private theme is used for you avatar.

                  Tim Strickland
                  kuler lead developer