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    Encrypt data on a web form sent to an email address

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I need to create a web form that collects data but instead of the data being entered into the crm, I need it to be sent to an email address. I'm worried though that the contents of the form could get intercepted before it's arrived at the intended recipient. Is there a way to encrypt form data in BC so that it's safe to send to an email address? Apparently you need to submit the form to a script on the server that will encrypt the data but I'm not sure if BC allows this.


      Would really appreciate any help.

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          TheBCMan Adobe Community Professional

          Depends on how you want to secure it, there are many encryption methods, the quick answer is your going to be limited to what you can do with Javascript, assuming you want to send the email via BC and there is nothing that will allow BC server side to encrypt anything. If your not so concerned with the form itself and you can put encryption keys into the HTML page / script you could do it javascript but remember this is very unsecure if people view the source code, but if you are not worried about the form itself but the email then that could be an option. The other way but is use a 3rd party server (built it yourself or find some sort of service that does this) to AJAX send the data to via HTTPs, get the 3rd party to encrypt the text and send it back to the javascript, throw it into the BC form (hidden data or other) and then submit to BC.