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    LR 5.5 on Windows 8.1 -- "Help" does not work, nor does "Check for updates."


      I've just installed LR 5.5 on Windows 8.1.  It is a virgin install -- no version of Lightroom has ever been on that computer.  Elements 12 is on that computer.  When I first ran Lightroom, it wanted to convert the Elements catalog, so I let it.  No errors.  While I am not new to Elements, I am brand new to LR, so I started to resort to "Help".  Selecting "Lightroom Help..." or any specific module's "Help" gives me the same thing -- no error message, and no help either.  Not even a continuation dialogue.  So, I tried "Check for updates".  Same result.


      Has anyone seen this?  I also uninstalled, and reinstalled (64-bit).  Nothing good to report.