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    adding 3D text to a moving object


      I have a still video which has a bus passing in the frame and out the frame.


      I want to add 3D text to the bus as if it was part of the bus so when it drives by and moves of the screen the 3d text seamlessly goes with it and comes of the screen with it.


      What is the best way to do this. I  Have created a 3d text using video copilots element feature but I have been unsuccessful in trying to get it on the bus and move with it.


      I have been trying to follow tutorials and doing things like track camera, track motion, parenting to a null object, But just cant seem to get it right.


      any help?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Camera tracking matches a camera move so it sounds like that is not an option.


          Motion tracking follows a point or plane so that is closer using AE's built in tools. If the bus drives by a stationary camera then the perspective changes. What you want to do is a 3D track of the moving option. None of the tools that come with After Effects will perform a 3D track of a moving object. That is not to say that you cannot fake it with perspective tracking using corner pin.


          If your text was 2D then a simple corner pin track would do that easily. You could do that inside AE with the built in tracker but Mocha would do the job a little faster and more accurately. You cold also just track the position on the bus where you want to attach the text using position and rotation. This would give you position and Z rotation. You could then manually keyframe the X and Y rotation so the position matches.


          Specific instructions would be easier if we could see the shot you are trying to use with the 3D text positioned the way you want it.

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            Eddie4975 Level 1

            thanks for the response,


            I tried to put the 3d text and edit its position in every frame and key frame it and it worked, but not the desired look I wanted. There MUST be an easier and clear way.


            This is the scene where on the side of the bus that is passing through to the right of the frame, I want there to be text, as if it was like an advertisement already on the bus.

            here is a still frame: (ignore the toronto 5 pm. I actually want the text to go where the red stripe is at the top, I want it to be flush together on the bus so as its turning, you cannot tell that it was added in.)


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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What you needed to do was use Mocha and corner pin tracking. There are a ton of tutorials on that. You are replacing a plane so you use a planar tracker.

              mocha for After Effects – beginning tutorial « Imagineer Systems

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                Eddie4975 Level 1

                Thanks for the tutorial very helpful!