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    ShortCut for applying alternating Style Sheets within a text box? (just like in Quark)


      Hi  Hope someone out there can help.

      I usually use Quark but have started to use InDesign more. There's a short cut i use a lot in Quark and want to know if there's a similar short cut in InDesign.

      Briefly: If I have a text box with say 30 lines of text, each with a hard return*, and I want every other line to be a different style (e.g. different font, colour, weight), I can go through each line and change them manually or if using Style Sheets I can go through each line and apply the attributes using the Style Sheets pallet.

      A quicker short cut however (having already applied a style sheet to the line I want to copy – e.g. line 1), is to click in the line I want to change (e.g. line 3); then by pressing alt+shift+clicking on the line with the style I want to copy (line 1), the style from the line 1 is automatically applied to line 3.  In this way I can quickly whizz throughout the remaining odd lines to apply the style sheet.  This is quicker than constantly moving over to the Style Sheet pallet.    Is this shortcut available in InDesign?    Hope this makes sense.


      *The short cut doesn't recognise a soft return so the whole paragraph will change.