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    Presenter 10, video and HTML 5


      I have a number of Presenter presentations that I want to convert from an older version of Presenter.  I am using Presenter 10 because of its output to html 5.  However I seem to be encountering a recurring problem which I can replicate consistently.


      Initially I had issues with re-publishing a Presenter presentation that had been created in an older version of Presenter. One of the problems I faced was the the video content in the Presenters was in flv format. I had to convert these to mp4, which was a little hit and miss as not all mp4 are created equal in the eyes of Presenter 10.  It would be good to hear if anyone has the correct mp4 settings so as they can play reliably when publishing to a Connect server Conent Library using Presenter 10.


      The bigger problem I have is with the message of being unable to publish the presentation due (possibly) to lack of disk space or sufficient permissions. I have seen previous posts on this and it seems that the advice given has been to clear the C:/temp files and/or to create a new profile on the computer. I have sufficient disk space and even after cleaning out my temp files I experience the same problem.


      I can replicate the problem with a high degree of reliability.  Essentially this message only appears when I insert a video file (mp4 or flv) of certain duration and try to publish to a Connect server in HTML 5 format including video. As soon as I untick the video option in the publish screen I can successfully publish - obviously video is removed.  I compared one video that I had in managed to successfully publish and it seems to me that the error message appears when the video is longish in duration.  The video in the presentation that fails is 2 minutes 54 seconds in duration. The video that successfully published is less than half this in length at 21 seconds.  I am trialing with increasing the duration of a video to see if there is a particular duration in time that then sets off the unable to publish message.


      I wonder then if anyone else has experienced the unable to publish message and whether there is a fullproof way of getting around it.  Also has anyone experienced the video publishing to html 5 using Presenter 10 issue and whether the unable to publish message is akin to a generic failure message?  Any suggestions help, would be grateful. I have a number of Presenter presentations to replublish and all have video in them, it would be good to get  "fix".

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          sidhartha Level 1

          1 Video publishing in presenter 10:

              1 Try to remove the video from your older presentation which was created earlier

              2 Open the presentation in presenter 10 and try to import the same video.

              3 Publish the content.



          2 While Publishing error message comes as "Not enough disk space"

             1 Try to kill the entire presentation as

               Start the task manager and choose powerpoint.exe in processes and then right click on it and click on end task/end task tree.


          probably this should solve the issue..

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            Lorusedtech Level 1

            I have tried the remove and re-add and it makes no difference. I can't now get the Presenter presentation with video in mp4 format to display or play. I am not sure if it is there or not as when viewing on an iPad it says it is buffering but never actually stops buffering. I can see it on my computer fine and it plays fine, but some of the reason for publishing to html 5 is so as it can be seen by people using tablets.  I just can't seem to get it to work no matter what I try.


            So to recap:

            1. using a presentation published using an older version of Presenter that contains flv videos

            2. republishing the presentation using Presenter 10 to a Connect Content Library using HTML 5

            3. have to convert the flv to mp4

            4. on a computer using a variety of browsers the presentation plays fine.

            5. on a tablet (iPad tried at this stage) the slides without video plays fine, the slides with video just continually says buffering


            On the second point of Presenter throwing up an error message, it's not so much that it throws up the error message as I can cancel that. It's more to do with the fact that it throws it up each time I try to publish a presentation that includes video that is of a certain duration.  I have followed the whole kill the process as suggested and while this does indeed stop the problem it just comes back when I open PowerPoint again and try to publish.

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              sidhartha Level 1

              Can you see any error message while importing the video..

              If not then can you share your presentation by packaging it so that we can provide a workaround .




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                Lorusedtech Level 1

                will package and send. Thanks.