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    Blurb BookWright Functionality coming?


      I have made a few books in Lightroom using the built in Blurb integration. The quality of the books is excellent. However, the flexibility of the tool is limited. The layouts are fixed as is the ability to easily add text anywhere. I recently switched to the Shutterfly web tool and have ordered a book from them. Prices are good, quality is as good as Blurb. But no integration with LR and a somewhat slow operation over the web as expected. I recently tried the new Blurb BookWright tool and found it to have the flexibility I want.

      So, my question. Can I expect the integration of the BookWright features into Lightroom in the near future, specifically flexibility in layout and size of photos on each page?

      Until then I must use Shutterfly to get what I want.

      Thanks for any info, or even good rumors.