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    How to identify a fake Flash Updater?

    daniel Azuelos Level 1

      A few days ago I updated Flash Player on all my computers.

      Today upon bowsing on a web server which wasn't apparently using any Flash content

      a warning window spurted on top of my work:Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 14.17.15.png


      There is no mention of which version this update is talking of.

      At the same time the low grade dvertising in the midde make me think to the typical adware

      which try to catch us upon browsing on commercial web servers.

      I tend to think this is one more fake Flash Updater.


      How may I identify if this installer is a real or a fake one?

      How may I quickly see the version this installer is speaking of?

      How may I identify from which source is coming this spurting window?