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    new Adobe InDesign CC (2014) crashes continuously after installation, shows spinning wheel. Have re-installed 3 times now, same thing.

    Chris Kunnert

      We had to install the new InDesign CC (2014). InDesign CC (2014) crashes continuously. We have un-installed the app twice and re-installed again.

      We have tried to install the previous version of InDesign CC but that is no longer (conveniently for you, nightmare for us) available.

      Everytime we launch the new InDesign CC (2014) to actually do some work, this crashes. It has cost us 4 hours work since this morning!

      This seems to be an issue a lot of people are having.

      An update for any app should happen without any glitsches, otherwise your product is not fit for purpose.

      We are all paying monthly fees to Adobe to be able to do our day-to-day work.

      For that we expect to be able to use these tools without loosing time and money every time you are updating software.