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    Animation slow to load


      Hey guys,


      firstly congrats on a very nice piece of software. Glad to see the responsive element added in over the last few months. Makes life a LOT easier!


      Anyway, my question is one that seems to have been asked many times on the forum but I don;t seem to be able to find an answer suitable for me. I am new to Edge (formally used Flash), an I have added to Edge animations to my Wordpress site via the Edge Suite plugin. They are loading craaaazy slowly and on some browsers they will periodically not display at all. Could you take a look at the page for me. I actually have 3 examples, 2 animations on the first and one animation on the next two examples.


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      I have taken a look at my webpage size and animation size and neither look excessive to me. Perhaps you disagree? Either way could you suggest how I should resolve this. It would be much appreciated


      Thanks in advance,