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    Just started Livecycle yesterday. Need help with Javascripting

    h2oloigst Level 1

      I'm new to scripting in general, but have figured out enough to be dangerous in Acrobat. Unfortunately, Acrobat no longer fulfills the need I have for dynamic forms and I have started trying to figure out Livecycle. Is the scripting in Livecycle THAT different from Acrobat that I need to relearn the scripting I figured out in Acrobat? Below is an example. It is in a table where I am trying to determine height of instrument (HI) from the elevation (Ele) and the difference between back (BS) and fore sights (FS). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

      This is the script I used in Acrobat and it worked:

      if(this.getField("BSRow2").value) {

        var add = this.getField("BSRow2").value + this.getField("EleRow1").value

        this.getField("HIRow2").value = add;

      } else {

        var height = this.getField("HIRow1").value

        this.getField("HIRow2").value = height;





      This is the script I used in Livecycle and it doesn't

      if(this.getField(BS).value) {

        var add = this.getField(BS).value + this.getField(Row1.Ele).value

        this.getField(this).value = add;

      } else {

        var height = this.getField(Row1.HI).value

        this.getField(this).value = height;