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      I just got the monthly update notification Adobe that my Flash player needs to be updated. Being diligent about security updates, I immediately agreed to update. So after I checked that the address bar in the browser is going to the right location, I started installing.


      There were no obvious options presented. Just the "Next" button type of thing.


      As it's showing me the download progress, I can see that it is downloading the Google Toolbar.


      WHAT. THE. HELL.


      If I wanted a $%#) Google Toolbar, I would go get a #$%(* Google Toolbar. I do not need Adobe to make my choices for me!!!


      It is incredibly inappropriate for a security update to install NEW components that are NOT related to the component being updated.


      There was no Cancel button. There was no "Hey, we're downloading the Google Toolbar, but we know this may not be what you want, so just click here to stop it." Nothing. Just progress bars.


      I managed to stop the #$%(* Google Toolbar installation by trying to close the window. THEN I got prompted about whether I wanted to cancel pending installations after the update. It was not obvious that closing the window would actually present me with choices. That was sneaky.




      In fact, I want to cancel Adobe Flash altogether, because this was a slimy, underhanded, sneaky, insulting bit of marketing bullsh*t.


      I actually believe this is very nearly a virus and should be treated as such. A virus is characterized as software that installs itself onto your computer without your consent. I did not consent to the #$%(* Google Toolbar being installed. And if Adobe managed to bury that consent deep within the online equivalent of "fine print" then shame on them, and I think that the Federal Trade Commission ought to know about this.


      I have no question. I had no problem with the actual security update.


      I'm just outraged at Adobe's weasel tactic. Or Google, or whoever was behind this.