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    Is there no way to data merge on spreads?


      The company I work for is doing a magazine with a third party. The third party takes care of the various articles in the magazine, but I have a few of their InDesign files to do a Data Merge with our data(houses for sale, although that's irrelevant).


      For the first magazine I only kept the right page for my merges but they ended up complaining about having to change the headers on half the pages. The data itself isn't symetrical but the headers on the masters are.


      I am unable to find a way to data merge on a spread(I've googled it).


      Is it even possible? If not is there a simple way to do it after merging on a single page?


      EDIT : Well I just realized I could just auto-shuffle my pages after merging them and they automatically got the right master applied to them. Guess that solves it?