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    Placed graphic is distorted when printed


      Apologies if this has been covered, I couldn't find anything like this during the search.


      The background:

      This is a department-wide issue so I'm not the only one seeing it.

      We're all running CS6 (version 8.0.1) on Macs (10.9.4—2.4 GHz quad-cores with 12 GB of memory).


      The details:

      We have a Photoshop type treatment/logo placed in an InDesign file.

      It is scaled slightly in ID, it's 9% larger than the native file. The logo is a PSD with a clipping path.

      These files are printed on Mylar, as a result we need to submit the INDD file to the printer so they can account for the stretching on press.

      We produce PDFs in house for proofing. We use a high-end large format printer, calibrated to match the print vendors equipment. We use it primarily for color matching and proofing.


      The results:

      In ID the logo looks fine.

      When we print it to our internal CLC printers it looks a bit distorted. But hey, it's a CLC that we don't calibrate so we don't trust it for color matching or other precision work.

      In an exported PDF file the logo looks fine.

      The large format print looks fine.

      When we received a printer's proof the logo is distorted in exactly the same way as what we see from our CLC.


      I've replaced the logo 6 different ways (no scaling, no drop shadow, without the clipping path, etc.) all with the same distortion.

      Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

      And is there a way to fix this quickly (the files are at the printer awaiting our fix right now)?


      Here are some screenshots and scans at various stages in the process (this is for an unreleased product so these are as good as I can get, and I can't provide the working file).

      • In InDesign it looks like this screenshot
      • In Acrobat it looks like this screenshot
      • From the large format printer it looks like this (sorry it's fuzzy, it's a scan of a printout)
      • On the printer's proof it looks like this, the distortions occur on curved shapes I only circled a few of them

      Does anyone have any idea what's happening here?