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    GREP to mark all caps words and words ending with †


      How can I use GREP to have the words in caps in a different color (red below) throughout a document, and the words in caps that end with † another color (orange below). See example paragraph below.


      The SMART 3D displacement philosophy includes the industry’s most advanced brushes, magnets and scrapers for capturing and carrying large metal debris out of the wellbore. Cleanup solutions include the modular MULTIBACK† tool, comprising an integral magnet section to capture ferrous debris and scrapers to dislodge difficult-to-remove debris, plus brushes to disturb the sheath and any additional fluid build-up on the inner wall of the casing or liner. We also offer a variety of circulating valves that boost annular velocities. Another key component is the WELL PATROLLER† downhole filter and validation tool that performs a cleaning action when run in tandem with the MAGNOSTAR† magnet and non-rotating casing brushes and scrapers.