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    Automatic Cross Reference Update?


      I have a client that hired me to convert a 500+ page document from a PDF to an Indd that they can manage. It was previously created and managed using a program called Ventura but since the company has upgraded their operating system, the software is no longer compatible. The document is broken down into multiple sections and each section contains numerous tables and cross references throughout. In Ventura, they were able to tie the numbering of the tables to the cross references and make them update automatically whenever there was a change. So for instance, if Section 2 contains tables 2-10 and table 5 is deleted, changing the number of the subsequent tables to 5-9, any references to what was previously tables 6-10 would now automatically read Table 5, Table 6 and so on (I hope that makes sense).


      I've already set up cross references and created a style to control the table numbering, but the client is telling me that during their crunch time, having to update the table numbering in the cross reference panel would be too time consuming because they'd have to do it for every reference that was affected and some sections have 30 tables. They would like for me to see if there is a solution similar to what they've been able to do in the past but I have not been able to find one. I'm convinced that it doesn't exist as I've looked at what I believe is every plug in available and put Google through the ringer in terms of word combinations to no avail.


      Can someone tell me if what they want is possible or if my findings, or lack thereof, are correct and it's not.