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    CFLOOP & Javascript Help

    TheScarecrow Level 1
      I am wondering if I can make this script work. I am wanting the "i" to be available to the javascript is there a way to do this? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
      <CFLOOP from="1" to="#abilityQ.recordcount#" index="i">
      <CFOUTPUT>#abilityQ.question #<cfform >
      <cfinput type="radio" name="A1" label="Yes" value="Yes" >
      <span class="questionsNormalAnswer">Yes </span>k
      <cfinput type="radio" name="A2" label="No" onClick= "javascript:MM_showHideLayers('incorrecti','','show');" value="No">
      <span class="questionsNormalAnswer">No </span>
      </cfform> <hr align="center" width="75%" class="horizontalline"></CFOUTPUT>