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    Problem with 3D  camera tracker


      Hi guys. I have a serious problem with 3D camera tracker, I made a footage with a Gopro hero 3+!, in this footage a box on a skate come in front of the gopro. I want to track the move to insert a fake television instead the box.. But I receive the message:"analysis solve failed", i try to stabilizer with warp stabilizer but doesn't work too..the footage isn't shaky..I don't know why I have this message. There is another tecnique to do this..? Or I'm obbligate to do the movement of the fake tv in the box in the manual mode frame to frame..?  

      thanks for the replys and sorry for my english.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are using the wrong tracker. Camera tracker tracks fixed geometry in a scene and calculates a camera's focal length and position using perspective changes. The Camera Tracker in After Effects cannot track objects moving in a scene. If you have too many objects moving in the scene your camera track may fail completely or the camera solve will fail.


          You want planar or corner pin tracking to replace something that is moving in the scene. Depending on the shot you can either use Mocha to perform a planar track or you can use After Effects Corner Pin tracking. my first choice for most of this kind of work is the Planar tracker in Mocha. There are lots of tutorials on the imagineer site on screen replacement.

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            Crobeccada Level 1

            Thank you so much!