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    After Effects "fixed" export path


      Is it possible to set a "fixed" export path and file type for a composition?
      I know I can link After Effects in Premiere, but I don't like this, since all rendering gets lost at once if one tiny thing is changed in AE.
      Therefore I export JPEG-Sequeces from After Effects, which i import into premiere.
      Now If I change something in AE I would like to press a single button to replace the JPEG sequence, withoot reassinging an export path and filename every time. Can also have advantages if i only change something between frame 1 and 50 in a 1000 frames long animation. So I could udate it with the press of a single button.


      In blender for example I can define fixed output folders and files. Every time I press render, the files are overwritten or the missing images are filled up. Any way to do this in AE (filling up the files is not needed).


      Thank you!