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    Install Helper Hangs


      This past two updates of Flash 14, the Adobe Installation Helper hangs in such a way that I get the black pop-up window but with nothing in it; it is just a blank black window (neither the question of how to handle new updates, nor the options). When I try to close it, the AIH tries to open the standard (after-installation) webpage for other Adobe products (webpage Part 3 of 3 of the Installation), but it apparently lacks a data value to the proper web address and I get a blank web browser window instead. Both times I end up resorting to downloading the offline installer file to successfully update my Flash Player/Shockwave. While I don't mind using the installer file (I rather prefer it), it is a little annoying to always get this through the regular update procedure. This only happens to one of my machines--a Win7 Home Vaio laptop that has Avast Anti-virus installed.


      I am wondering if there is a way to fix or correct this problem.