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    RH11 Styles still won't apply in the CSS

    Auntie Em-Pam

      I've been using RH11 since Jan., and struggling. I have had to manually change my styles in every topic because I can't get them to save in the default.css

      For example, today I would like to use Heading 5. So I opened the default.css, changed the font to Arial 12, changed the colour, clicked on Apply, then clicked on OK. Then I saved the project. However, when I attempt to use this style in my project, it reverts back to whatever style it was before I changed it. When I open the CSS again, the style is exactly the way I changed it, but the changes won't apply to the content in the Design Editor. I have had this problem since day 1. My numbered lists have 12pt text and 10 pt numbers. My bullets have 12pt text and 10 pt bullets.


      In this example, Heading 5 has been changed and applied (and saved) to the first line of text in the graphic below ("Category strengths are:"). But if you look at the text and the font size in the toolbar, they are 10pt. Look at Heading 5 in the Styles window, it is 12pt. But RH will not accept my style changes. Please tell me how to get styles changes to apply in the CSS, or even when I want to create a new style. I have tons of pages in my project and doing everything manually is driving me nuts.




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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Take a look at the Media dropdown. The style you set will only applied to desktop. In the design editor, you can also choose for which media you want to show the styles. The dropdown is in the Style menu.


          Instead of changing the heading for a specific media, set it for all cases and use the media as an exception. (I don't know how it's called in RH11 and I don't have RH11 before me at the moment.)


          Kind regards,



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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            In addition to what my esteemed colleague Willam advised, note that it's also possible that your topic contains some "in-line" styling that may be overriding the rules configured in your CSS file. To check for this, select part of the text that is not behaving as you want it to. Then change to HTML view and look at the nearby code. If you have in-line styling, you will likely see something like this preceding where things aren't behaving: <span style=.


            One way to correct this behavior (if you discover it exists) is to select the line, right-click the selected text and choose "Remove Attribute" or "Remove Attributes". (You may see it either way, depending on what has been done.


            Once you remove the attribute(s), the text should then begin behaving as you want.


            Cheers... Rick

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              Auntie Em-Pam Level 1

              Thank Guys - I'm a little late in replying, sorry. I've checked my styles and yes, I forgot to go through all the Media and change all the styles so they were the same. I did this and my style still wouldn't change. So I edited via HTML and found the unchanged style. Now it works.