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    Stage background color disappears... occasionally?

    houseofpretty Level 1

      hi all.


      an animation I’ve created in Edge Animate 2014.0 and viewed in Chrome 35.0.1916.153 on a Mac running 10.9.4 occasionally "loses" its stage background color midway through animation playback when viewed in Chrome. irritatingly, it only happens sometimes.


      the stage's color is set to rgba(241,92,34,1.00) all the way through an animation—but after a particular point of the animation, the stage reverts to white. there are no keyframes on the stage at all.


      afterwards, i happened to log out and then back in... and this time, the animation played as expected, with no glitching. a client saw it as well using the exact same browser version, but i was not seeing it while he was.


      apologies if this has been solved, but I didn't find via search. i did find this:


      Re: Stage and Background disappear during preview


      which sounds like exactly the same issue. has anyone managed to reproduce this? i have no clue what it might be.