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    Text variables won't work on just one page?


      In my latest InDD report (CS6, noncloud), the inside cover just won’t accept text variables from any assigned master page. It does accept graphics. I can assign the master page to any other page in the document and it works, but not on the page between the outside front cover and the title page. The outside front cover and inside cover constitute their own section (as does the inside and outside back cover, which have no problems with the master). During various iterations, the page didn't want to let me override any master page items, either.


      I’ve tried deleting the page and inserting another, copying a page that works from this document and from other documents and inserting, making new masters (including copying other masters that work in other docs), but nothing works. I also resaved with a different name. I finally settled for a workaround of manually typing the variable on this page, but would appreciate any insight as to why this is happening. I can’t find any reference on the forums.


      Thank you.