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    Controller for video issues

    Robert Hennigar
      Hi all,

      I don't want the controller to work for the video - so I did not select the setting " presentation controlled by playbar" (or something like that - sorry, not connected right now to check the exact phrase), in the slide properties menu. The question is that sometimes if the user doesn't want to view the entire embedded .swf, and they switch to another slide, issues arise with audio starting over, or not stopping... etc.

      If I select the setting to "turn on" the Presentation Controlled by Playbar, then when playing back the video is a mess - jumpy, audio issues, unusable in my opinion. The video is relatively small in size (320y 240 using On2VP6_256 setting in Squeeze 4.1 for flash)

      It would be great to have the presentation able to be controlled by the playbar -all slides including the ones with video. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue, or workaround it, would be appreciated!