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    Cineware External Compositing Tag solid not lining up




      I'm working on a pretty simple animation to show off my clients new iPhone app. The problem I'm having is 2 fold, first when I use Cineware, the screen plane that I have an external compositing tag on, to create a solid, the solid doesn't match up to the movement. It lags behind kinda catching up, but not completely.


      Second, out of desperation, I thought I'd try rendering out from C4D, and importing the AEC file, but that doesn't even have the solid in the composition? I tried a very simple animation with just a spinning plane, and the solid in Cineware was doing just what I have above, but when I rendered out the aec, and imported everything was lined up.


      You can download the scene from my DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dpnzjvjp8otqyt/3D-iPhone.zip


      The compositing tag was working in Ae before I started to animate the phone, so I'm really confused as to why it doesn't line up! What am I doing wrong? Any help is really appreciated!