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    Every video streaming site (except youtube) freezes constantly and I cannot update flash

    rasj1987 Level 1

      This problem started randomly happening around two days ago.  I don't know what changed but the last time I tried to watch a stream on twitch.tv the player kept freezing even on the very lowest quality setting.  Everything worked just fine on a different computer and twitch works well on my PS4 (which is wireless no less) browser and the xbox app.  I also tried watching something in vimeo and it would play the video for a few seconds, skip to another video and repeat.  First thing I tried was deleting my cache and cookies etc. with the program ccleaner.  Second thing I tried was uninstalling and reinstalling flash player but when I try I always get "lost connection trying to reconnect" at around 40% into the download.  So the next thing I tried was using a different cat5 cable, using a different port on my router (again, everything else works fine) but no luck.  I've also tried downloading the flash installer from IE and Chrome  After that I tried doing a clean install of flash as instructed here How do I do a clean install of Flash Player?


      I've also tried doing the direct download link but it's still the same issue.



      I am officially running out of things to try next.  If anyone could help I would much appreciate it.  I am running on Windows 7 64-bit and my browser of choice is Firefox.  Need any other info, please ask.