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    Code Problems



      I am trying to create a custom calculation script that takes the results of two fields as strings and prints the two strings together with additional text.


      I have Adobe XI Pro. This is what I have that does not work.


      Function () {

      Event.value = this.getField(“PatientName”).valueAsString + " was seen on " + this.getField(“DateOfEvaluation”).valueAsString;






      The form contains both fields “PatientName” and “DateOfEvaluation.” It doesn’t matter if either or both fields have value. The error is that a character is illegal.


      If I reduce it to Event.value = " was seen on ", the script is accepted but doesn’t show up in the form box upon reopening the document.

      I have tried several iterations more complex than the first simple function above. The more complex iterations involve defining variables, and have come back with the error saying that a semicolon is missing from the beginning of the second or third line (despite that every line ends with a semi colon.)

      Any help is appreciated.