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    How to measure/scale text to fit desired width?


      I would like to measure the width of a given word or words (not a paragraph) when rendered with a given font and font size. Let's say I have the code below that creates a new document, layer, and text:


      var myDoc = app.documents.add(200, 200);
      var textLayer = myDoc.artLayers.add();
      textLayer.kind = LayerKind.TEXT;
      var text = textLayer.textItem;
      text.font = "Impact";
      text.size = 72;
      text.position = Array(100,100);
      text.contents = "SUPER";


      I want to measure the width of text.


      Ultimately I want to resize the text to be a certain width while maintaining its aspect ratio. (The height of the text is not important, just the width, and it should not be distorted.) Knowing the width I could easily calculate the correct font size. If there is a better way to this solution than measuring the width, please let me know.