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    Render file size bigger After Effects CC 2014

    idx2014 Level 1

      Hello, this seems like a silly question, but ever since the 'After Effects CC 2014' update my rendered files seem to be enormous in comparison to the files I rendered before the update!

      I don't see why the update would have adjusted my render preferences, but it must have done as a 2min clip that rendered at 140mb before is now 10GB!!!

      My knowledge of codecs and compression is limited but I had a good preset before the update which now seems to have changed (although I have always been rendering h.264/full quality/no audio so I don't understand how the file size can change so drastically).


      Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


      If not could you please advise me on how to render these files to a suitable size. Like I said they need to be h.264, 1920 x 1080 with no audio.



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          After Effects CC 2014 no longer supports the output of many delivery codecs, such as Mpeg4 and H264, through the Render Queue.


          You can output far more formats, and in greater quality, using Adobe Media Encoder.  You can send AE renders directly to AME from After Effects.  You can import AE projects directly into AME.  And you can also render high quality and/or lossless formats from the AE Render Queue and then re-encode them from AME.